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Heterophobia                                   EST/LA                                    Feb 2013

Track 3                                             Bootleg                                       Feb 2013

Other Desert Cities                       Mark Taper Forum               Dec 2012

The Gayest Xmas Pageant Ever   Avery Schreiber               Dec 2012

Plaid Tidings                               Covina Center                            Nov 2012

Coney Island Christmas                   Geffen                                  Nov 2012

Streetcar Named Desire           Antaeus reading                     Nov 2012

Pride and Prejudice                         LATW                                     Nov 2012

Cymbeline                                 A Noise Within                             Nov 2012

Death of a Salesgirl                       Bootleg                                      Nov 2012

Conk and Bone                    Carrie Hamilton/Mutineer          Nov 2012

Death of a Salesman  (directed)   CCPA                                     Nov 2012

You Can’t Take It With You (cameo)  Antaeus                      Oct 2012

The Producers                        Tibbies Center Stage                   Oct 2012

The Bellflower Sessions           Whitefire Theatre                    Oct 2012

November                                      Taper                                          Oct 2012

Book of Mormon                        Pantages                                     Sep 2012

Assassins                                       Coeurage Theatre Co            Sep 2012

Wild Geese                                       Katselas                                   Aug 2012

Macbeth                                           Antaeus                                   Aug 2012

RED                                                 Mark Taper Forum                 Aug 2012

Footloose                                          CCPA                                       Aug 2012

All Your Hard Work                      Lillian (Brimmer St.)       Aug 2012

War Horse                                         Ahmanson                            July 2012

The Exorcist                                      The Geffen                            July 2012

Altarcations (wrote/directed) Hollywood Fringe           June 2012

The Black Glass                               Hollywood Fringe           June 2012

Lost Moon Radio Episode 12    Hollywood Fringe           June 2012

Pirate Laureate of Port Town    Hollywood Fringe         June 2012

Follies                                          Ahmanson                              May 2012

Opus                                             LA Theatre Works                May 2012

A Little Night Music               East West Players                 May 2012

The Girl Most Likely To               LATC                                    May 2012

2 Chekhovs                               Parsons Nose                          May 2012

The Heiress                              Pasadena Playhouse             April 2012

Sweeney Todd                          Citrus College                        Apr 2012

Waiting for Godot                          Taper                                  Apr 2012

Sarah’s War (led talkback)   Hudson                                  Apr 2012

Hairspray                                    IVRT                                         Apr 2012

Our Country’s Good                Antaeus                                  Apr 2012

The Many Mistresses of MLK     EST/LA                            Apr 2012

American Night                          KDT                                        Mar 2012

The Great Gatsby       Arizona Theatre Co, Phoenix      Mar 2012

Mine                                          Elephant Lab                            Mar 2012

Two Moliere works             Parson’s Nose                            Feb 2012

Man of La Mancha                           MTW                                 Feb 2012

Arsenic and Old Lace (directed) CCPA                              Feb 2012

The Jacksonian                           The Geffen                            Feb 2012

Always, Patsy Cline                       CCPA                                  Feb 2012

Art                                      Pasadena Playhouse                     Jan 2012

Julian Sands/Pinter            Odyssey                                      Jan 2012

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea   Crown City Theatre     Dec 2011

Short Eyes                                      LATC                                    Dec 2011

Fela!                                               Ahmanson                            Dec 2011

A Christmas Carol (performed)  Covina Center PA       Dec 2011

Desire Under the Elms         A Noise Within                       Dec 2011

August: Osage County (performed)  Cypress College   Nov 2011

The Kitchen                      LA Theatre Works                          Oct 2011

It Can’t Happen Here (performed)  Ghost Road             Oct 2011

To Kill a Mockingbird     Sierra Madre Playhouse         Oct 2011

Twelfth Night                    A Noise Within                            Oct 2011

Honus and Me                MainStreet Productions            Oct 2011

Rain After Ash               AxS Festival, Pasadena              Oct 2011

Marvelous Wonderettes  Candlelight Pavilion              Sept 2011

A Doll House                                   LATW                                Sept 2011

Our Town  (performed)               IVRT                                 Sept 2011

Last Five Years                               IVRT                                 Sept 2011

No Word for Me in Guyanese  LAJWC                               Sept 2011

Poor Behavior                         Mark Taper Forum             Sept 2011

Stranger Things                          Ghost Road                         Sept 2011

End Days                                       Odyssey                               Sept 2011

Oedipus                                        Antaeus                                Aug 2011

Insious Impact of Anton           Absolute Theatre                Aug 2011

Crooked Road                              StreetLamp                        July 2011

Wedding Singer                           MTW Long Beach            July 2011

Donna/Madonna                          Lounge Theatre              July 2011

D is for Dog                                   Mutineer                           July 2011

Bakersfield Mist                           Fountain Theatre            July 2011

DramaWest (performed)            Edendale Library            06/25/11

No Word for Me in Guyanese     Sidewalk Theatre          06/24/11

Hi, Can I Help You?                      Fringe Central                06/23/11

Pedestrian                                       Actor’s Circle                   06/23/11

Les Miserables                                 CTG                                 06/17/11

The Malcontent                                Antaeus                          06/16/11

Standing on Ceremony                 LA Gay & Lesbian Ctr    06/06/11

A House Not Meant to Stand       Fountain                      05/01/11

The House of the Rising Son       EST/LA                            04/24/11

Prisoner of Second Avenue       El Portal Theatre                 04/23/11

bash                                               Coeurage Theatre Co              04/22/11

The Bluest Eye                         Phantom Projects                     04/17/11

Juno and the Paycock                Odyssey                                   04/15/11

God of Carnage                               Ahmanson                             04/13/11

Burn This                                       Mark Taper Forum                04/10/11

Fetish                                             Whitefire Theatre                   04/09/11

The Woodpecker                              Mutineer Theatre                04/08/11

Deathtroupe (in with Fred Willard)  The Grove Theatre 03/27/2011

The Birthday Boys                       Theatre Unleashed              03/26/2011

Re-Animator: the Musical           Steve Allen Theatre      03/20/2011

Death of a Salesman                     LA Theatre Works         03/20/2011

The Bellflower Sessions (directed)   The Hayworth Theatre 03/15/2011

Chicago                                Candlelight Pavilion                               03/09/2011

Evening with Davis Gaines         Alex Theatre                              02/19/2011

Warrior God                   Central LA HS #9                                      02/18/2011

Gigi                                             Reprise                                                 02/17/2011

Becky Shaw                             LA Theatre Works                             02/10/2011

33 Variations                         Ahmanson                                           02/09/2011

Not much in January as I’m directing NORTH SAINTS LANE for Coeurage Theatre, opening Feb 4 2011 (

THE TRAIN DRIVER                 The Fountain Theatre       1/16/2011

AUTUMN GARDEN                  Antaeus                                 12/18/2010

THE THIN MAN                          Antaeus A2                          12/15/2010

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING   Kirk Douglas Theatre   12/12/2010

THE BLUE ROOM                      The Moth                              12/09/2010

THE GRADUATE                   LA Theatre Works                  12/08/2010

CHRISTMAS CAROL (performer)   The Grove Theatre   12/03/2010

NEXT TO NORMAL                Ahmanson                               11/28/2010

SUMMER IN HELL                 Brimmer St                              11/27/2010

HYPERBOLE: ORIGINS   [Inside] the Ford                      11/14/2010

ROCKY HORROR                    Coeurage                                  11/14/2010

PORK                              fESTivity EST-LA                              11/13/2010

ANNIE                                Musical Theatre West                  11/12/2010

LOVELAND, Ann Randolph       Santa Monica Playhouse   11/11/2010

FDR                                    Pasadena Playhouse                     11/07/2010

BLITHE SPIRIT                 A Noise Within                            11/07/2010

AUTUMN GARDEN                  Anteaus                                     10/31/2010

CONFESSIONS OF DEACON JIM (actor)  Furious Hothouse 10/28/2010

ENRON                                             LA THEATRE WORKS                10/24/2010

YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU (actor)      IVRT/Candlelight Pav 10/20/2010

LOVE & OTHER ALLERGIES         Lounge Theatre                     10/15/2010

MEASURE FOR MEASURE            A Noise Within                      09/26/2010

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA        Pantages                                     09/25/2010

THE GLASS MENAGERIE               Mark Taper Forum               09/12/2010

UNDER MILKWOOD                        Coeurage                                    09/03/2010

THE NEIGHBORS                                Matrix Theatre                     08/29/2010

KILL YOUR TELEVISION            Asylum Theatre                        08/14/2010

EVEN STEVEN (wrote, directed, performed) DramaWest      08/14/2010

PARASITE DRAG                      Elephant Theatre                           08/13/2010

TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE   IVRT (Candlelight Pavlion)       08/10/2010

LT OF INISHMORE                  Taper                                                      08/01/2010

THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING          Absolute Theatre           08/01/2010

THE GOOD BOOK OF PEDANTRY & WONDER Boston Court    07/31/2010

KISS ME, KATE                  IVRT (Candlelight Pavilion)              07/28/2010

TOMMY                                          Chance                                                07/25/2010

THE LUNTS OF LAKE STREET   Parson’s Nose (performed)    07/24/2010

1776                                      MTW, Carpenter Perf Arts                    07/24/2010

KING LEAR (Matthews)         Antaeus                                                07/21/2010

OPUS                                              Fountain Theatre                               07/18/2010

KING LEAR  (Groener)            Antaeus                                                07/16/2010

TWELFTH NIGHT                          OSF Ashland, OR                             07/11/2010

CULTURE CLASH’S AMERICAN NIGHT   OSF Ashland, OR         07/11/2010

SPAMALOT                                 Wells Fargo Pavilion, Sacto             07/09/2010

BURTON                                          Asylum Theatre                                  07/02/2010

SOUTH PACIFIC                            The Ahmanson                                07/01/2010

MADAGASCAR                                          The Road Theatre                                        06/27/2010

SUGAR HAPPENS                            Sidewalk Theatre                          6/13/2010

NEVENKA                                                            Boston Court                                                     06/06/2010

FORBIDDEN ZONE: 6TH DIM.                     Sacred Fools                                                     06/04/2010

BEHIND THE GATES                                Marilyn Monroe/Lee Strasberg                       05/30/2010

THE ICE-BREAKER                                               Theatre 40                                                      05/29/2010

boom                                                                      Furious                                                                   05/28/2010

MLLE. GOD                                           EST-LA  Atwater Village Theatre                             05/23/10

SEE WHAT I WANNA SEE                                       The Blank                                          05/23/10

TREASURE ISLAND                                                 Lewis Family Playhouse                     05/22/10

THE TWENTIETH CENTURY WAY                        Boston Court                                  05/08/2010

39 STEPS                                                                        Ahmanson                                      05/02/2010

MISS SAIGON                                                         San Gabriel Valley Musical Theatre    05/01/2010

IRMA LA DOUCE                                                     The Alex Theatre                               04/19/2010

THE CONSTANT WIFE                                        LA Theatre Works                              04/18/2010

BENGAL TIGER AT THE BAGHDAD ZOO (preview)   Mark Taper Forum                04/16/2010

LASCIVIOUS SOMETHING                    [Inside] the Ford                                      04/11/2010

THE WAKE                                         Kirk Douglas Theatre                             04/04/10

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM     Reprise               03/17/2010

WHY TORTURE IS WRONG, AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM    The Blank (at the Stella Adler)  03/14/2010

CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF                     The Grove Theatre, Upland              03/13/2010

Various plays                                           Winterfest 2010, EST-LA, Circle X    03/2010

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING                        A Noise Within                          03/06/2010

THE BALLAD OF EMMETT TILL                      Fountain Theatre                     2/28/2010

OEDIPUS EL REY                                                                Boston Court                           2/27/2010

BACKWARD IN HIGH HEELS                           ICT Long Beach                      2/26/2010

CALIFORNIA SUITE                                           LA Theatre Works                  2/21/2010

CAMELOT                                                             Pasadena Playhouse                2/07/2010

NOISES OFF                                                         A Noise Within                       2/07/2010

Bobrauschenbergamerica [Inside] the Ford                     1/23/2010

AWAKE & SING!                                                 LA Theatre Works                  1/17/2010

CAMELOT (opening)                                            Pasadena Playhouse                1/15/2010

RENT                                                                      Carpenter Performing Arts      12/13/2009

PALESTINE, NEW MEXICO                               Mark Taper Forum                  12/13/2009

DR. SEUSS’ GRINCH                                          Pantages                                  11/17/2009

MARY POPPINS                                                  Ahmanson                               11/15/2009

BABY IT’S YOU                                                  Pasadena Playhouse                11/13/2009

TREE                                                                      [Inside] the Ford                     11/7/2009

THE MOST HAPPY FELLA                                                Inland Valley Repertory          9/9/2009

COURTING VAMPIRES                                     Boston Court                           5/9/2009

AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’                                         Ahmanson                               4/24/2009

MAURITIUS                                                         Pasadena Playhouse                4/3/2009

FROST/NIXON                                                     Ahmanson                               3/22/2009

STORMY WEATHER                                           Pasadena Playhouse                2/15/2009

MINSKY’S                                                            Ahmanson                               2/6/2009

PIPPIN                                                                   Mark Taper Forum                  1/25/2009

CHINESE NEW YEAR SPECT.                           Pasadena Civic                        12/30/2008

THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED                            Kirk Douglas Theatre              11/29/2008

SPRING AWAKENING                                       Ahmanson                               11/26/2008

THE SCHOOL OF NIGHT                                   Mark Taper Forum                  11/9/2008

THE LADY WITH ALL THE ANSWERS           Pasadena Playhouse                10/24/2008

THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY                                     Kirk Douglas Theatre              9/28/2008

THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES                        Mark Taper Forum                  9/14/2008

LOOPED                                                                                Pasadena Playhouse                7/8/2008

A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION                     Greek Theatre                          6/6/2008

A CHORUS LINE                                                 Ahmanson                               5/22/2008

AVENUE Q                                                            Ahmanson                         9/6/2007

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