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I love theater.  I act. I write. I direct. Recently directed my play ALTARCATIONS at Actors Circle Theatre in West Hollywood, part of 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

I’ll direct DEATH OF A SALESMAN this fall at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts.

My day job at 89.3 KPCC ( in Pasadena, CA lets me talk to tens of thousands of people at once – even more when my news stories air on National Public Radio. This blog lets us talk with each other.

If you share an interest in theater, please share your thoughts as well. And, if you know of a theater that hasn’t been mentioned here, pipe up. Every theater has a story to tell.

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“Special here, however, is the focus. Instead of pointing the finger solely at gay priests, Julian widens the scope to include heterosexual heads of power; instead of bashing the abusers, he balances accusations with shows of the struggle to best temptation and reconcile godly profession with Biblically-forbidden sexual inclination. Worth the price of admission alone is the astonishing Travis Michael Holder’s brandy-soaked scene with homosexual Father Bart (Robert Keasler). Jeff Gardner’s design-on-a-dime projections and the theatre’s church-pew-like seating quite successfully create atmosphere.”

“Brave. That word came to mind after seeing “Altarcations.” Add difficult topics to complex characters with a dose of the Holy Spirit and that might begin to describe my experience seeing this show. From the poignant imagery of the very first scene through powerful acting and surprises, you truly don’t want to miss this show.”

“Making highly flawed characters who can produce devastating effects on others, sympathetic is a very difficult task for a writer. Steve Julian does just that in Altarcations, creating characters who are so real we can understand their moral dilemmas as we compare them to our own.”

“…Altarcations is the only piece I saw last week that clearly seems to merit further development at a more professional level than what the Fringe offers.”

“The complex and tangled web of these four lives plays out in dramatically well-constructed short scenes that build to a surprising twist and conclusion.”

“Altarcations also shrewdly attacks the vow of chastity and the repercussions of the sexually repressive nature of celibacy…. this is one of the must-see productions to watch at Hollywood Fringe this year.  The play offers an original perspective that finds little, if any, voice in the mainstream.”

Review for North Saints Lane by Eric Czuleger for Coeurage Theatre. …primarily kudos should surely be given director Steve Julian for wrenching spot-on performances from his mostly untested players, many presumably unsullied by the discordant world they create here so authentically. – Backstage (Critics Pick)


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  1. Don Anderson permalink
    October 28, 2010 12:56 pm

    I saw “You Can’t Take It With You” last night. I really enjoyed the performance.

    The scenic adaptation from Annie’s set worked well, even though some aspects (e.g., the entry from ‘upstairs’ and the lighting in some areas) were a bit awkward.

    I thought you and several others of the cast showed that an old warhorse of a play still has relevance for today’s audience.

    • October 28, 2010 1:00 pm

      Thanks so much, Don. I know what you mean about the challenges of using the basis of another set, but we do our best to make it work. The play itself is as relevant today as in ’37.


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