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Mark Troy’s Anxiety involves Jill Gascoine and Alfred Molina

August 14, 2012

Danny Lippin, Jill Gascoine, Colette Freedman and Francesca Ferrara in “Anxiety” by Andrea Santillan

You have to listen carefully when Mark Troy speaks. There’s a laugh in nearly every sentence he utters. He has worked with Robin Williams and Rob Reiner, and he has written more than 40 produced plays. The skinny playwright’s Chinese chicken salad, which he pecks at, will disappear long before the stories he has to tell. Except he can’t eat that much.

His latest play’s title, Anxiety, aptly describes his personal state. “I’m very superstitious,” he admits, “especially during rehearsals.” Troy remembers walking down the street the other day with his assistant Courtney as his side. A woman pushing a baby carriage was approaching them.

Much as some people believe that it’s bad luck to let a pole come between them and their walking partner, Troy wouldn’t let this woman and her carriage come between him and his assistant. “I saw Courtney go right and I went behind her. Courtney asked why I had to follow her and I said, that baby’s not ruining my show!”

But once inside the theater, with a cast for whom this play was written, principally Jill Gascoine, Troy calms down. Read more.


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