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Original Works Publishing Launches eBook Plays

January 20, 2011

I had lunch last week with Jason Goldberg, Original Works Publishing president. I last saw him when I took part in a reading last fall of his work Deacon Jim at Furious Theatre.

We talked about the ways people access plays: we all know Dramatists and Samuel French, of course. Now, OWP, which publishes edgy works, leads the way into digital media…

From the release:

Original Works Publishing, known for its catalog of bold, original, innovative plays, announced this week that they are releasing their titles in eBook form on multiple platforms, namely Kindle and Google Editions.  

              Playwrights and theatre practitioners have been very vocal in recent months via blogs and list-serves about plays being available in eBook form.  Opinions seem to be split, with younger theatre artists voicing approval and excitement about the prospects of contemporary plays being more readily available in this form; while some with long histories in the theatre world having trouble embracing the technology, stating their inability to mark up the scripts while reading. 

            Theatre Communications Group currently has select well known titles available on Kindle, but OWP is the first publishing and licensing company to release their catalog in eBook form.  OWP president Jason Aaron Goldberg, a playwright in his own right, states that the future of publishing is eBooks, but print editions will always exist because once you decide to produce a play everyone in the cast and crew needs scripts.  His hope is that with the eBooks more theatre practitioners and play readers will discover and embrace the bold and original work coming out of his company.  “It has always been a struggle to get new plays in bookstores, virtually impossible.  With eBooks our titles are now in the biggest and most frequented store in the world, the internet.” 

            Currently OWP has just over twenty of their top selling titles available for Kindle purchase, with the full catalog rolling out steadily over the next few months.  Google Editions are also available now for select titles with additional titles launching over time.  Prices for eBook editions vary based on play length (full length, one act, collection), but none are over $10.00.  Links to the eBook editions are on each plays page on the Original Works Publishing website –

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