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Anton Chekov meets Fawlty Towers

January 19, 2011

Parson’s Nose mounts two Chekov one acts this Friday and Saturday. Yes, the Russian could be funny.

“I’ve managed to write a stupid vaudeville which, owing to the fact that it is stupid, is enjoying surprising success.” Anton Chekov 1888

Admission is free, but Parson’s Nose gladly accepts donations. Friday’s performance is at noon in Old Town Pasadena (bring lunch if you like or get it from Elements Kitchen a couple doors away).

From the release:

“Oh yes! You gaze upon one of these creatures: all muslin, ethereal goddess, you feel transported by joy. But then you gaze into her soul and see …a crocodile!”  The Boor, by Anton Chekov

Chekov One Acts: The Boor and A Marriage Proposal”

Friday Brownbag Series: January 22 at 12:10 PM

Saturday Soiree: January 23 at 7 PM – Suggested donation $10+

Lineage Performing Arts Center (Old Town Pasadena)

89 South Fair Oaks Avenue, 91101.

Reservations: 626-403-7667 or

Parson’s Nose Productions (PNP), the professional, San Gabriel Valley theater company “introducing classic theater,” will present two short Anton Chekov’s  farces, “The Boor” and “The Marriage Proposal” as the fifth offering in its 2010/2011 Parson’s Nose Readers’ Theater Series. “The Boor” and “The Marriage Proposal” are adapted by Parson’s Nose Artistic Director Lance Davis.  Parson’s Nose actors Barry Gordon, Jill Rogosheske, James Calvert, Marisa Chandler and Lance Davis will be featured.

 “We’re delighted to be presenting our first effort from the hand of Dr. Chekov,” says Davis, “an amazing writer, and, I believe, often misunderstood. He was an excellent comedy writer, a fact often overlooked in many productions of his work. In “The Boor” and “The Marriage Proposal” we see the sparks of Chekov’s coming incandescence but also his outrageous sense of farce, with all the energy of “Fawlty Towers.” Outrageous Russian characters, in love with themselves, joyfully revel in their anguish. Passion is everything. Anything but the dull, humdrum lives they’ve been tolerating. A very fun introduction to a great master. Please join us!

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