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“Neighbors” opens at Matrix. (Black)face every stereotype.

August 27, 2010

“We’re a society that likes to labels things, so once we’re done dealing with them we call them ‘post’ – so we live in a post-racist America because there’s post-black now because we have a black president so we no longer need to worry about what it means to be black because he’s the quintessence of blackness now,” says Nataki Garrett.  

Garrett is directing what some reviewers have called the most provocative play you’re likely to see this year. “Neighbors” premiered earlier this year at the Public Theatre in New York and shocked audiences with its raw language, sexual content, and portrayal of African American actors in blackface. It opens this weekend at the Matrix Theatre in West Hollywood. A family – obnoxious, uncouth, and shamelessly stereotypical – moves in next door to an upwardly mobile African American academic. His neighbors begin to infiltrate his life and his entire post-racial lifestyle.  The tension between them tests the limits of elitism, privilege and survival.  

Read and hear more.


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