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Parson’s Nose Productions Receives Grants for 2010-2011 Season

July 15, 2010

It was a lucky day for me when I interviewed Lance Davis. My friend, Jeannie, told me she had attended a Parson’s Nose production and I should meet Lance, then write something for this blog. She was right.

This led to an invitation to play Guaderius in last month’s production of “Cymbeline” with Lance, Mary Chalon, Barry Gordon, Alan Brooks, Mark McCracken, and other talented, fun (and funny) people.

Up next? “The Lunts of Lake Street,” a fundraiser so that the free reading series remains free. I play a public-radio-type-on-air-fundraiser. Go figure. It’s July 24 at the new digs: The New Lineage Dance Co., 89 S. Fair Oaks, Pasadena. Pizza, wine, coffee and a show! All ages. Bring your sense of humor and checkbook.

Meanwhile, Parson’s Nose received a grant for part of the coming season:

From the release: 

“We are deeply grateful, and honored, to have been selected by the Pasadana Arts League, the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Commission and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission for funding of our upcoming season in Pasadena.” – Lance Davis, Artistic Director
Each month, beginning in September, Parson’s Nose will introduce classics to all ages through its free-to-the-public “Saturday Evening Readers’ Theater Series” and a Friday “LunchHour Classics Readers’ Theater Series” at the new Lineage Performing Arts Center in Old Town Pasadena. Parson’s Nose will also be staging a full world premiere translation/adaptation of Charles Perrault’s 17th Century classic “Cinderella/Cendrillon.”
“It’s a wonderful start, and very generous, especially in these difficult times.” says Davis, “The arts are always the low hanging fruit, the classics the lowest of the low, first to be trimmed, and yet the arts are often where people find solace, fellowship and humor. It isn’t easy for organizations to make these decisions and it’s deeply appreciated. And now it’s our job to find the rest. By the way, fundraiser, Saturday the 24th. Need a ticket?”
For more information go to 

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