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Hollywood Fringe Festival – here’s the scoop

June 3, 2010

Fringe festivals attract writers, directors, actors and producers from around the country and across the world. The “fringe” idea started in 1947 when people in Edinburgh, Scotland felt the need to heal after World War II, and what better way to heal than through theatre?

“It was unplanned,” says Ben Hill, executive director and one of the founders of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. “The Edinburgh event was a curated and judged festival. But out of the blue, about 10 companies showed up uninvited. They set themselves up along the “fringes” of the festival, demanding their works be seen, too. There was no marketing committee, no central box office. There’s no doubt we took our model from Edinburgh.”

Los Angeles rarely gets mentioned as a top theatre town in the US. Hill wants to change that. “I believe there is a wide audience for theatre in LA. The problem is, these small individual theatres have their own individual audiences. I’d love to see what happens if you put GPS trackers on each audience member to see who goes where: which theatres do they visit? Read more.


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