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The Sound of Music is the sound of gifted CHS students

May 8, 2010

It’s the last collaboration of Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein and the most enduring movie musical. Can’t you just picture Plummer and Andrews and that bevy of kids? How many of us still talk about the crushes we had on one or another?

Chaffey students perform in one of the richest high school theatre spaces around – Gardiner Springs Auditorium. And, unlike their previous generation, are mic’d. Do you know how lucky you are?? In MY day, we had to walk 8 miles in the snow to belt a song….!

There is a richness in theatre east of the 57 that many in Los Angeles either discount or ignore like a potential mate who’s ‘geographically undesirable’. Candlelight Pavilion. The Lewis Family Playhouse. Covina Center for the Performing Arts (granted, on the ‘convenient’ side of the 57). And the lush Gardiner Springs Auditorium.

You might think that another production of The Sound of Music is just another production – but if you truly love theatre, you know that each production of anything is unique. Different voices. Different interpretations. Different sets. And when the cast is comprised mostly of teens, you’re seeing the future of theatre. (There is a real nun, by the way.) Tickets are $7 Monday night, and $10-12 at other times.

Performance and ticket info here. (It closes Sunday, May 16.)

1245 N. Euclid Ave., Ontario, CA. Directed by David Masterson; co-directed with sets designed by David Billman. The two financed the show, spending $25,000 just for costumes, including 40 nuns habits.

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