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Winterfest 2010 in final days at Atwater Village Theatre

March 11, 2010

You can still get in to see new works at EST-LA/Circle X’s new space in Atwater Village. Tom Jacobson, Michael Michetti, Nick Ullett, Ray Xifo, Jenny O’Hara, JD Cullum, Garrett Brown, among others.

Tonight at 8, it’s A Quadrimonial, written and initiated Katherine Cortez and directed by Catlin Adams.

SARAH STEWART                          Melissa Kite
MAGGIE STWEART                        Katherine Cortez*
JAMEY STEWART                           Will McFadden*

PETER STWEART                            James Eckhouse*
BONNIE STEWART                        Eileen Grubba
FRANKIE PARKER                        Robert Joy or Craig Archibald 

A young woman returns to her family home for the funeral of her alcoholic mother.  She and her brother struggle with their unresolved guilt-ridden relationships to this powerful figure that is a very real presence throughout the play.  

To complicate the situation their estranged father shows up bringing with him his current much younger wife, creating a stew of grief, rage and love, which inevitably boils over.  Secrets are revealed and a connection between the children and their father is initiated.   In the emotional wake, we are left believing in the spirit of redemption and the possibility of forgiveness.  

NOTE:  This performance is intended for mature audiences only.  

Friday, March 12, 2010

8:00 pm           House of the Rising Sun

Written and Initiated by Tom Jacobson*

Directed by Michael Michetti


Various New Orleans locations



BOWEN                                             Nick Ullett*

GARRETT                                          Marc Cardiff

TRENT                                               Paul Witten

FELIX                                                            Giovanni Ortega

When Trent brings Felix home to New Orleans to meet his father and homophobic grandfather, the family’s demons come slithering into the light.  Watchful ghosts, sinister hustlers, and a myriad of parasites lead Felix on a Southern Gothic journey to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

1:00 pm           Mom and Dad

By Peter Basch and Ellen Sandler

Directed by Ellen Sandler

Initiated by Peter Basch*



A New York City apartment


A hospital room



HOWARD FEIN                               TBA               

MICKEY FLANAGAN                    James Dumont*


SAM ROBBINS                                Ray Xifo*

                        PHOEBE ROBBINS                         Kim Chueh*

                        PRADEEP AMIN                              Subhash Mandal

MOM & DAD are two thematically linked one acts about people wrestling with the ghost of a parent who has died but still pulls at the present.


NOTE:  This performance is intended for mature audiences only.

3:00 pm           Endangered Species

By Tom Baum

Directed by: Cecelia Specht

Initiated by: Will McFadden*

THEONA                               Patty Cornell*

LEON                                     Charles Parks*

BAILEY                                 Sophie Ullett

JUSTIN                                   Will McFadden*

NOTE:  This performance is intended for mature audiences only.

5:00 pm           Match

Written and Initiated by Jennifer Maisel*

Directed by Jenny O’Hara*



New York City

Present day



LEO                                        J.D. Cullum

LEYLA                                   Patty Cornell*

BEN                                        Chuma Hunter-Gault*

MADDY                                 Emily Kosloski*

MOSS                                     Peter Elbing

Leo has a wife and needs a kidney.  Ben needs a kidney and is desperate for human connection.  Maddy believes giving her kidney away will redeem her.  Leyla longs to live her life and thinks that means she may have to leave Leo behind.  Moss deals in flesh, seeking the highest bidder.  Is there any such thing as a gift with no strings attached?  This play is a journey into the underbelly of bartering for your organs and perhaps your soul.  


NOTE:  This performance is intended for mature audiences only.

8:00 pm           Roommates

By Julian Sheppard

Directed by Laura Jane Salvato*

Initiated by Kim Chueh*


An apartment in New York City

Spring 2003


ABBY                                     Annika Marks*

JOSIE                                     Kim Chueh*
STAGE DIRECTIONS          Nicholas Dostal

Sunday, March 14, 2010

1:00 pm           Onion Creek

Written and Initiated by Roger Q. Mason

Directed by Mildred Lewis


Del Valle, Texas



NATHANIEL HAWS                                   Adam Lazarre-White

MINNIE SIMMONS                         Jacqueline Wright*

WHITE POPPA                                 TBA

EULA MAE JOHNSON                   Barbara Tarbuck*

STAGE DIRECTIONS                      Will McFadden*

An Adam and Eve tale set in Reconstruction-era Texas, the play imagines the relationship forged between Nathaniel Haws, a mixed race peach plantation owner and Minnie Simmons, an Irish sojourner who takes up work on his farm.


NOTE:  This performance is intended for mature audiences only.

5:00 pm           HELL MOUTH

By Tom Jacobson*

Directed by Darin Anthony

Initiated by Jenny O’Hara*


Tim Josephson                             Douglas Dickerman


SAMARA BUCHSBAUM                Jenny O’Hara*


MR. SPENCER (RAYMOND)         Nick Ullett*

Torn between his Midwestern parents and the Beverly Hills owners of an unknown Caravaggio, Tim rediscovers himself while making the art history discovery of the century.  Imagine your own mother on The Worst Dressed Women’s List.

8:00 pm           BLACKBIRD

By David Harrower

                        Directed by Jon Kellam* and Judith Scott                

Initiated by Garrett M. Brown*



RAY                                       Garrett M. Brown*

UNA                                       Maya Lawson

Una, 27, seeks out, finds, and confronts Ray, 56, who engaged in a three month sexual liason with her fifteen years ago when Una was 12 and Ray was 40.


NOTE:  This performance is intended for mature audiences only.


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